Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Crawlspace in Atlanta

This single level ranch style house on the northern side of Atlanta experienced some flash flooding during one of our recent heavy storms. SERVPRO of East Cobb was on site shortly after the rains had stopped and had a plan of action to make it "Like it never even happened."

Tree on Roof

Storm Damage in the Kennesaw or Smyrna area?

During a late night storm, this hollow oak tree came down on this ranch style house. SERVPRO of East Cobb came to the rescue as soon as the storm subsided. We tarped the roof and quardinated the removal of this massive  

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Poorly Sealed Foundation

After a heavy rain this home's basement suffered a pretty significant water event. The water actually made its way in through the foundation. This was caused by an unexpected rise in the ground water table. As you can see, a water line on the foundation wall appeared. This water line marked the water level in the soil outside the house.

This Kitchen Was Filled With Flood Water

During a flash flood this home was submerged with 8 feet of water, filling the whole house with murky muddy flood water. This is a picture of the kitchen shortly after the flood waters subsided. SERVPRO of East Cobb came to the rescue and cleaned up all the derby and dried out the entire house.

Home Nearly Submerged

This home was almost completely submerged during a massive flood. You can see the high water mark on the side of the house where the water level exceeded eight feet deep and filled the home with murky muddy water. SERVPRO of East Cobb came to the rescue and saved the home from demolition by drying and restoring the whole house. 

Storm Water Finds Its Way Into Crawlspace

Storm water follows the path of least resistance. Some times that path can intersect with homes and businesses. In this case storm water found its way into the crawlspace of this home, which could have resulted in damage to the items stored in crawlspace, mold growth, and even erosion of the foundation. 

Storm Team 18 Wheeler

If a big storm or natural disaster hits your home town, SERVPRO is prepared to pick up the pieces. When you see this semi-trailer truck roll into town you know SERVPRO is on the job.