Commercial Photo Gallery

Warehouse Flood

We all know that SERVPRO of East Cobb is one of the leading residential water restoration businesses in the Cobb County area, but did you know we also service businesses and commercial facilities as well? 

Commercial water removal call SERVPRO of East Cobb - (770) 424-0400 -

Commercial Desiccate Dehumidifier at Work

These dehumidifier tubes ran through out a structure and back to the commercial desiccate dehumidifier. This system is used to positively pressurize moisture effective areas with dry air, in order to dry out a large structure. It is implemented when the use of smaller fans and dehumidifiers would be inefficient and/or less effective.

Water Removal From Airplane Hanger

SERVPRO of East Cobb is ready for any size job. From homes to businesses, even airport hangers. Call SERVPRO of East Cobb for all your water removal needs!!!

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Sprinkler System

Sprinkler systems are required for most commercial buildings (and rightfully so), but often times cause more damage than the fire itself.

Ask one of our SERVPRO of East Cobb representatives - (770) 424-0400 - about the FREE service we offer business/commercial facilities called an Emergency Ready Profile. This service will better prepare your business in the event of an emergency and could help prevent unnecessary damage to your facility.

Break Room Flood

Imagine coming into work on a Saturday to finding your break room partially submerged in 2-3 inches of water. What to you do? Who do you call? SERVPRO of East Cobb - (770) 424-0400 - is equipped to handles issues such as this and will get your business back up and running in no time.

Desiccate Dehumidifier with Generator

These two giant green machines are our desiccate dehumidifier and generator. This type of equipment is most commonly used on commercial jobs. They provides the necessary drying power to dry out large structures effectively and efficiently.

SERVPRO of East Cobb is always ready for any size job- (770) 424-0400