Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Stopping fires can be messy!

Fire extinguishers have a single purpose...extinguish fires! They do a great job when used properly but in many cases, the fire retardant they expel tends to get every where and can be a real chore to clean up.

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Smoke Damage in Living Room

This living room looks like it is in pretty rough shape...Good thing they called SERVPRO of East Cobb.

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Kitchen Stove Fire

The kitchen stove is one of the most common causes of fire in a home. Leaving the stove unattended, while cooking, for even a short while can result in massive losses. If you need to direct your attention away from the stove while cooking always turn off any burners/eyes you may be using.

Fire Damaged Fireplace

This family room fireplace got a little bit out of control, but with the help of SERVPRO of East Cobb it was put back in good working order in no time.

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Garage Fire

The garage is one of the most susceptible areas of your home to fire damage. Not only do we typically store our vehicles in our garages, but also sometimes store highly combustable materials such as oil/gas, paint, and cleaning supplies.

Smoke Damage

In a house fire, the flame itself doesn't always cause the majority of the damage. Smoke damage can permeate a home not just with pungent odors but also with soot residue on walls and the contents of your home. SERVPRO of East Cobb is well versed and trained in the removal of both soot residue and odors.

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