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Kennesaw Office Space Flooded by Water Fountain

This Kennesaw business found there conference room soaked with water from a faulty water fountain. The water damage was quite extensive and extended from the le... READ MORE

Kennesaw Commercial Office Space Damaged by Water Damage

This Kennesaw Office Space suffered water damage due to a leaking water fountain. The water fountain leaked for approximately two days, over the weekend, causin... READ MORE

Emergency Roof Tarping on Kennesaw Fire Restoration Project

Home fires are devastating. The damage they cause to your property can be quite extensive and expose your home to additional damage if not properly mitigated. B... READ MORE

Roswell, GA Home Suffers Water Damage - Dining Room & Bar Area

SERVPRO of East Cobb was called out to repair and restore this Roswell, GA customer's home. A water leak from the upstairs master bathroom toilet supply line. W... READ MORE

Roswell, GA Home Suffers Water Damage - Dining Room & Kitchen

This Roswell, GA home owner came home from a business trip to find a toilet supply line leak in the master bathroom upstairs. The basement, main level and secon... READ MORE

Roswell, GA Home Suffers Water Damage - Kitchen

This home located in Roswell, GA suffered a water damage through out the home due to a toilet supply line leak on the second floor. SERVPRO of East Cobb dispatc... READ MORE

Mold Found in Smyrna Home - Living room & Fireplace

This home had a pretty sever case of mold growth in the living room, crawlspace, attic and HVAC system. The homeowner could smell off odors and suspected that s... READ MORE

Mold Found in Smyrna Home - Attic

The attic is a prime place for mold to take root and grow. Often times attics are dark, damp and have poor air circulation, all of which can facilitate mold gro... READ MORE

Water Damaged Hardwood Floors in Kennesaw GA

Storms can cause water damage that devastate your home and more specifically your flooring. Floors are susceptible to flood damage. After all water travels to ... READ MORE

Kennesaw Home Toilet Supply Line Leak

This home owner's Kennesaw ranch style home was flooded by a leaking toilet supply line leak. The supply line leak stared as a pinhole leak and over time develo... READ MORE